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Ramendra didn't answer. Kunwar Sahib became somewhat more agitated and said, 'Why do you people forget that all misconduct arises from compulsion. ? A thief steals not because he particularly enjoys stealing bur only because he is compelled  by his needs . Yes , it can be  debated whether his needs are real  or imagined. One man may think it necessary to buy his wife a piece of jewellery when she goes to visit her parents, while another may consider it compeletely unnecessary. One man may lose his honesty when tormented by hunger while another may die rathr than beg, but you scholars should not forget  the law of nature whereby the desire impels every living  being. A man will do anything to stay alive. Misconduct increases or decreases in proportion  to how difficult or easy it is to survive. Our first principle should be to make survival easy for everyone. Ramendra Babu, you have treated these poeple just the same way that others are treating you, even though your being mistreated is causing you so much grief. 

Ramendra : ' in these matters, I have no faith in education.Education leads us to accept many things that morality, saction and tradition teach us to avoid. If our foot slips we don't cut if off and throw it away, yet  I am not ready to bow my head before this anology. I wish to make it very clear that if you want to live with me you will have to give up your old assuptions. I will even go so far as to say that you will have to change you feelings so that you yourself hate such people. We have to refine our faculties in such a way that society will feel ashamed of its injustice , if we let our conduct become corrupt, society's contempt for us will appear justified in other's eyes'.

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