Execution of Decree, Civil Procedure Code-CPC, Lecture by Sir Rakesh Kapoor-Video No.-11

This video session delivered in simple and clear language and contains various topics such as,Section 37-which courts can executing decree, Section 39-Transfer of Decree, Sec 42- Power of court in executing transferred decree, Sec 46-Precepts,Sec 47-Questions to be determined by the court executing decree,Sec 50- Legal Representative,Sec 51-Power of Court to enforce execution,Sec 52- Execution of decree against legal representative,Section 53-Liability of ancestral property,Section 55-Arrest and Detention,Section 56-Prohibition of arrest or detention of women in execution of decree of money, Section 58-Period of detention and release, Section 59- Release from detention on the ground of illness under Civil Procedure Code. This online video lecture is helpful for practicing lawyer, aspirants for judicial exams and law students. This topics is important for judiciary exams. For details visit www.judicialcompetitiontimes.in or call at 9639009693.

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